L’Arrière Saison

It’s been a busy summer and August seems to have flown by in a whirl of music festivals, summer markets, craft fairs and visitors of all sorts. We have had mixed weather: until mid August it was still perfect walking weather and the countryside was looking unusually green and lush, so we were able to add some new discoveries to our already considerable library of walks.

Then in the middle of the month we had a sudden heatwave with temperatures in the upper 30’s C and it was swimming in the Doux, reading under the chestnut tree and cold showers every hour! Fortunately, as usual, the nights were delightfully cool with wonderful starlit skies.

And now …. La Rentrée is upon us! The annual clogging up of the Motorways and emptying out of the countryside has happened as city dwellers get back to work. This is the week where the locals have a well earned break. The markets are suddenly missing half their usual stalls and restaurants close for a week. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief for a successful summer season. But this is just a brief calm before the storm.

Soon the vineyards will be full of pickers and jolly lunches will bring big family parties together again. Our garden is still producing masses of veg, so there will be plenty to go round.

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