Walksweeks welcomes the author of The Gruffalo

We were delighted to host our friends and staunch supporters Jane and John for a recent Walksweek. As walking companions they brought along Julia Donaldson and her husband, old friends from Bristol University days. This was our last Spring Walksweek before the Summer gap, when the weather is often too hot for walking. We still have availability in September, a wonderful time to experience the changing late summer colours in the woodlands and orchards.

Julia was definitely here on holiday rather than in her public persona, but we know how popular Le Gruffalo is in France and she kindly signed a few copies for the children of our friends. After an alarming misunderstanding, when they got the impression that they were about to embark on a roller coaster ride down the Doux Gorge, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their trip on the Véorail. Pedalling makes a change from walking! Julia draws on her own experiences as the inspiration for her stories, so we will be watching out for a tale of a quick-thinking mouse on a pedal car outwitting all and sundry!

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