From Yellowstone Park to the Ardèche

We have been away on holiday in the United States for a few weeks and, unsurprisingly, doing a lot of walking and hiking.  We were amused to see this rather peremptory sign on one of the trails, but after a while it got us thinking. 

Whilst in this particular case, the National Forests authority had obviously decided that the trail was too narrow to be safely negotiated as a two way street, it is also true that many routes are much more rewarding if walked in one direction rather than another.

We usually put our own walking itineraries together, using a combination of different waymarked routes, sometimes reversing certain sections.  We always test out the walk in both directions to see which way offers the best views, the most comfortable gradients and so on.  As a result our guests are almost always on a unique tailor made route rather than following a well trodden tourist track.  It also means that we are able to adapt our suggested routes to groups of walkers with varying abilities and expectations.

When we created Walksweeks the idea was to offer a walking holiday without the hassle.  This is just one way in which our background research, which incidentally we love doing, takes the frustration and guesswork out of a walking week and leaves the walkers free to enjoy the stunning and ever changing landscapes in the best possible way. 

Nothing compares to the freedom you experience when you can simply follow the path and see where it takes you.


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