L’Esplanade II

When we began work on the lower garden the basic idea was to create a spacious terrace on which to sunbathe or lounge the shade of the sycamore and admire the view. This is how we started last January with Pascal and his digger.  As usual of course, the spectacular work was very quick but then followed by a great deal of agonising about levels and dealing with the fact that the rest of the garden is still on a pretty steep slope.  This is why we were so delighted with the sleepers, which have enabled us to get from this:

To this:

It is also very satisfying to know that, after many years of good service, the sleepers have been recycled so close to their original place of use on the Lamastre railway line and that from next summer the line will be operating again, following a full upgrade.

To continue the garden upgrade, Markus has almost completed the second section of the wall he started last autumn. This part involves a steep slope and a corner so he has been working with massive stones. Once again, although it is a job which progresses slowly, he finds it immensely satisfying and it certainly does look pretty amazing.




There is still a barbecue spot to be created, the flower bed to be renovated and a whole right hand side wall to be built, which will no doubt be the next big job, but we are very pleased with progress so far.  A friend who saw the terrace for the first time exclaimed that we now have une véritable esplanade, which sounds to us a little like the sea front at Brighton, but no doubt has just the right ring in French!

One thought on “L’Esplanade II

  1. Hey Maeggi and Kate,
    sounds great and hope you get to enjoy it and sit back too!
    When you are done there is plenty more work in Jerome to rebuid some fallen walls on my property!

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