Where in the World?

Over the week end Arlebosc played host to a large group of people from different countries who take part in the Venice Carnival every year.  Quite understandably they want to get more fun out of their wonderful costumes and masks than is afforded by this single annual outing.  So for a couple of days the main road through the village was closed and beautifully costumed groups and couples strolled through the streets and paused for photo opportunities.  It was fascinating to set Venetian opulence against the backdrop of an Ardèche village, and the atmosphere was both mysterious and magical.

The boulangerie had come up with a rather strange tarte à l’italienne for the occasion and the newly re opened café was serving equally unauthentic pizza, together with moules frites! Sadly no one was offering our favourite Venetian aperitif lo spritz col bitter, but it was great to be able to sip a castagnou sitting in the middle of the village, in fact in the middle of the road!

Do English villages have a comité des fêtes? Perhaps they don’t need one, but the Arlebosc committee is never short of original ideas for organising a celebration.

One thought on “Where in the World?

  1. Truly amazing! That they found their way to your tiny little town! They really must have a very industrious comite des fetes in Arlebos! What fun! Great photos! Love, Hanna

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