Welcome to the Free Zone published!

Kate and Markus raise a glass with Claire Meljac, daughter of the authors, and her husband Sasha at their summer home in the Ardèche, to celebrate the publication of Welcome to the Free Zone.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure to get to know Claire over the long period of preparation and research which has culminated in our friend Bill Reed’s magnificent translation.

Claire’s insights and comments on her experiences whilst in hiding, together with her parents, in the Lamastre area throughout the most dangerous phases of the German Occupation of France have been fascinating, moving and inspiring.

Looking out over the beautiful Ardéchois landscape from the terrace in front of her home, you can see the village of St Basile, a location which features prominently in the book.

IMG_3645 (800x600)

Welcome to the Free Zone, by Ladislas and Natalie Gara, translated by Bill Reed,  is published by Hesperus Press

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