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Last Saturday I made a date and walnut loaf as my gâteau suspendu for Kaopa.  This morning when I dropped in for an espresso I was mobbed by the ladies at this table, who had tasted it and wanted the recipe.  They had been very intrigued by the cake and two had tried to recreate it at home, using lots of dark brown sugar and eggs.  It had not worked so they were very interested to hear that this cake contains neither – the raising agent being  baking powder, reinforced with bicarbonate of soda.

I was so pleased by this little encounter.  Kaopa is all about connections and exchanging views and ideas and this seems like a great example.

For anyone who’s interested, here’s the recipe:

Date and walnut loaf

20160503_112500 (2)


5 thoughts on “More from Kaopa

  1. I am very interested (as usual, by many things in your messages!) in the advice NOT to use fan oven for the loaf. Why is that and is it a principal that might be applied to cooking other things?

    1. Sorry, I put a reply to you both below ….
      tech idiot! I hope you are now back in your own kitchen, suitably renovated and fitted with all the ovens your heart could desire.

  2. Hope the French ladies who took your recipe will not do as my French friends did in Bristol on their first attempt and double the amount of bicarbonate and baking powder. They returned to the kitchen to find the mixture escaping from the oven all over the kitchen floor but have made it successfully many times since.

  3. Peter: I think that fan ovens are too “quick” as my mother used to say, by which I mean that the heat is too intense, even if you reduce the temperature by the amount usually suggested in recipes. I use the fan oven for roasting, pastry and so on but I get much better results for cake baking if I use the decrepit old oven of the Doghouse stove.
    Jane: That sounds pretty alarming! I do hope my translation of the recipe was sufficiently clear for them to avoid that kind of error.

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