Path marking Part 1

IMG_0935 (1024x768)

We have recently been enrolled as official markers or baliseurs of the hiking network around St Félicien.  If a walker has got lost or confused on a particular route they notify the Office de Tourisme and an email alert is sent out to the team of markers.  Whoever is nearest and has the time responds and undertakes to resolve the issue.  Not quite SOS Médecins, but pretty efficient nonetheless!

IMG_0925 (1024x768)

Whilst setting up our personalised Walksweeks routes, which broadly follow the white and yellow Petite Randonnée trails, we have occasionally done our own marking or remarking, where we felt it was necessary.  Now, however we have been supplied with the regulation paint, specially formulated to resist all winds and weathers, and a set of brushes.

IMG_09111 (1024x768)

We have checked which way up the colours should go, how to indicate turnings and dead ends and we are ready to get stuck in.

1 (1024x768)

Sometimes it can be a bit acrobatic ….

IMG_0920 (1024x768)

and a trusty Opinel knife comes in handy to prepare the support.

2 (1024x768)

To help walkers find their way over the wide open spaces, Markus occasionally needed to knock in a stake.

The paint got a bit claggy after a while . . .

9 (1024x768)

but all in all we were pleased with the job and enjoyed walking well-known paths and making them just a little bit easier for other hikers to follow.

IMG_0939 (1024x768)


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