Canti Sognanti at les Sarziers

Giulia and Elida

The evening was an enchantment, as we knew it would be.

The weather was perfect; a delightful collection of people gathered and enjoyed an apéritif in the garden, a delicious ‘auberge espagnole’ dinner and dessert in the calabert after the concert.

For those of you who were not able to join us, and for those who did, Markus has put together a short video which gives a flavour of the magical voices of Canti Sognanti and their wonderful performance at les Sarziers.

Markus really does not have the right software for this kind of thing, so he’s not entirely pleased with the result, but he’s done a pretty good job all the same.  (Be sure to have the volume right up and headphones or speakers!)

Many thanks to Manu for the sound recording, and the photo.

And to Catherine, Elida and Giulia: Grazie mille!

Here’s the link


4 thoughts on “Canti Sognanti at les Sarziers

  1. Dear Maeggi and Kate,this is so beautiful! I have tears in my eyes!Do I have your permission to put this video on my facebook page?I just love it! Wish I was there!Love,Nanahanna

  2. Mes très chers amis,
    Quel soirée de rêve! J’aurais bien aimé y être… Les artistes étaient très talentueuses mais c’est la vidéo qui a retenu mon attention. Les Sarziers sont splendides, toute cette abondance de fleurs, hydrangéas, lys, lavandes…Le potager aussi à l’air de bien se porter…Et le buffet avait l’air bien tentant…
    Nous passons un excellent été sur la Côte où le climat est très agréable et la chaleur très douce.
    Nous pensons à vous et vous félicitons pour l’organisation de cette
    soirée musicale d’enchantement.

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