Not what they seem

It’s that time of year when many of us are sitting under sun umbrellas doing crosswords and word games so here’s a little quiz.

But first the context.  We have always been amused by the fact that a particular type of large saucisson from Lyon is blandly – and officially  – called un jésus.


It reminds me that in my family a boiled suet pudding was irreverently known as Boiled Baby or, if accompanied by golden syrup, Putty and Varnish.

So we put together an imaginary menu for a “holy dinner”.

After a few slices of the aforementioned jésus with a glass of Dom Pérignon, the meal would start with Coquilles St Jacques.  The main course would be Filets de St Pierre, Sauce Cardinale.  To follow, a selection of cheeses, including St Nectaire, Pont l’Evèque and of course our local St Félicien, and for dessert, a choice between a Religieuse, Sacristan or Jésuite.



To drink, a light St Amour Beaujolais could go well with the fish and a Châteauneuf du Pape with the cheese, then maybe a nip of Chartreuse or Bénédictine with coffee.

Now here’s another menu made up of of everyday French dishes and specialities.  Your task is to identify them.  Hint: they all have misleading or obscure names but one really is what it says on the tin!

Answers next time.

  • wet the bed salad
  • feet and parcels
  • cockerel testicles
  • headless birds
  • a man of god (with his head!)
  • a dessert which sounds like a train journey.


crossword in the garden




4 thoughts on “Not what they seem

  1. I think I have them all:
    -Pieds paquets
    -Amourettes (not sure about that one)
    -Alouettes sans tête
    -Tête de moine
    If I understood well the winner prize is a dinner at Bocuse with a certain coliflower female model ( you find?)

  2. Aha! Quick off the mark le Dédé!
    Here’s an exact definition of number three: On appelle ça « roupettes de coq » (probablement pour ne pas à avoir à dire « testicules » à table et chiffonner Mamie rigoriste) mais c’est bon, tout le monde a compris : des COUILLES, oui, des COUILLES DE COQ.
    The prize would be dinner at the chateau de Maisonseule with Jean Louis Bruneau, but we’re not sure about the cauliflower model …..?

  3. Hum … I’m struggling with this one. I think the last one is Paris-Brest? But otherwise my French culinary knowledge is clearly not up to scratch 😦

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