Mid-winter quiz

The temperature is dropping and snow is forecast but we are snug indoors with the wood-burners crackling and a pot-au-feu on the stove – it’s time for our mid winter quiz!  And this time there’s a prize to be won!  We are offering a thrilling ride on the Vélorail down the Doux Gorge for the lucky winner plus one!!  So, thinking caps on and here we go.

1  Apart from cracking your head open when you fall over it, what is this stone used for?

2  It looks like a medieval instrument of torture, but what was the function of this contraption?

3  On the advice of a friend I use these to weight bottling jars in the sterilizer. Where did they come from and what was their original function?

4  What links these three pictures?

5  What should be placed between these four objects?

6  What on earth is this and what is its purpose?

7  Planting, sowing , harvesting …. which tool is used for which?

8  Can you name this useful piece of kit in French and what is it used for? For our French readers, do you know what it is called in English?

9  This wire basket has a specific use, what is it?

10  What is behind this little door?

11  Our bird feeder is proving popular with black caps. Based on the RSPB weight of one bird (21g), how many black caps would weigh the equivalent of these hand made nails?

12  Who once lived here?

We hope you have fun with our conundrums!  We love getting comments so please keep them coming, but answers please only by email to:   kate@walksweeks.com  (You don’t want anyone copying your intelligent responses!)

Closing date for entries is February 22nd!


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