Winter walks

Entries to our Mid Winter quiz are beginning to arrive, do keep them coming!  Don’t forget that you have until February 22nd to submit your efforts (no, it’s really NOT that hard!) by email to

In the meantime here are some wintry pictures from the past couple of weeks.

A walk above Empurany.

Burning up the prunings.

A walk at Nozières.

More cold birds.

A walk at Monteil.

And a final cold bird!

4 thoughts on “Winter walks

  1. Beautiful goldfinches. I’m interested to see that yours like peanuts. Ours ignore those but did like their own, separate supply of seeds.
    Really beautiful pictures.

    1. Actually, although the feeder is designed for peanuts, we have had to fill it with sunflower seeds as no French bird of our acquaintance will touch a peanut. In fact peanuts for birds are almost impossible to find here. The hordes of gold finches just love throwing the seeds onto the ground where they are mopped up by the tits and chaffinches.

  2. We love the pictures (Lesley gets your notifications but can’t comment as she hasn’t a WordPress account). What are you pruning? – We are pruning the apples in our community orchard tomorrow.

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