From Old to New

A Happy New Year and we hope that you will be able to do a fair amount of hiking this year. New is not only the year, but as well the appearance of our blog – which of course you have noticed before reading this. We were quite attached to our easy reading version, but in the digital world things move on.

In fact, this is stage one of amalgamating our Walksweeks website and the blog. We like the website too but there’s no halting the march of progress!

As we had to go into the vault of our site, we encountered a whole lot of mainly useless statistics concerning the blog, but why not share some of them with you? We started “Life at les Sarziers” with WordPress in March 2007 Since then we have written 196 posts, at more or less regular intrevals.

Our first blog post was about the flowering magnolia tree by our house steps, a tree that we subsequently cut down, as it was a bit too enthusiastic and threatened to eat up the house.

For us the interesting part of the statistics is the information about our readership. Counting from 2012, when we started to write more regularly, we have had an average of around 3000 clicks per year with about 2.5 clicks per person (I don’t know how you do half clicks – maybe there are half-mice). Last year we had visitors from 62 different countries. The chart is led by France (merci, merci, merci pour vos efforts de traduction) followed by the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

For nostalgic reasons we will give you the links to the most popular posts over the years. I suppose these are most likely posts that got linked to other bloggers or websites – of which we are not aware.

1 Franglais – le français étranglé or French for the unwary click here

2 Describing the Almond Blossom click here

3 The Cooked 4L click here

4 St Boniface et ses Juifs click here

5 Système D click here

As for our most visited youtube videos which I have made for the blog, here are the charts

1 Train de l’Ardèche Arlebosc Lamastre click here

2 Canti Sognanti aux Sarziers click here

3 Arlebosc Reboule 2014 click here

So again all the best for 2020 from Markus and Kate

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