Sadly, but inevitably, all the Walksweeks guests that we were expecting this year had to cancel their bookings; we hope to be able to welcome them back in the not too distant future.  Walking in our beautiful area has been the greatest privilege for us during the periods of lock down, there is nothing more soothing and life-affirming and we can’t wait to share the experience once again with our visitors.

But we did have one walker this autumn.  He didn’t pay very well, but he brought his own bed and board and he’s both a terrific walker and good company.  Please meet Hadouk, who came to stay with us whilst his owners were away visiting their brand new grand child.

We planned his Pawsweek along the usual lines:


As always we offered our guest a welcome apéritif and dinner on his first night with us.

The orientation briefing did not go quite as planned . . .

. . . but once he was out on the terrain he quickly got the hang of the signage and markers.

He’s not too keen on markets, nor farm visits so we skipped the traditional Tuesday trip to Lamastre and to our friends Carole and Nicolas for the sheepdog demonstration. 

It must be said that Hadouk himself has some pretty impressive professional qualifications – he’s a trained guide dog, on holiday with our friends in Arlebosc.

Hadouk’s visit came too late in the season for us to suggest an excursion on the Vélorail but he would have a had a great time on this exhilarating pedal-powered trip down the Doux Gorge.

We loved having him to stay and pretending that we were doing a real Walksweek – we have missed showing off our wonderful and varied area and sharing all that it has to offer. 

The good news is that Hadouk so enjoyed his stay with us that he has booked another week in December: a return customer – just what we like!

11 thoughts on “Pawsweek

  1. This is wonderful! Wish we could bring Ruby with us when we are finally able to travel again.

    In the meantime stay safe and stay well. Virtual hugs to both of you!

    1. What a nice surprise to know that you are following our adventures. I am sure Ruby would love the walks – I hope he is better at reading maps than Hadouk. Hugs from us both. Markus

      1. I also share the posts with Bill Evans, Viv Patton, and some other travelers from our wonderful adventures over the years.


  2. I think you should definitely have one of these! He looks so at home and Kate looks so happy! Great article.
    Love Sharon xxx

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