Hello again!

It has been a very long time since the last post, for which I must apologise. We are beginning to receive anxious emails inquiring whether we are still on the planet! Yes indeed we are still here, well and very busy, hence the silence.

We are in the middle of an usually cool, wet early summer and the countryside is greener than we have ever known it to be at this time of year. It is a great relief after so many years of severe drought, and it’s easy to believe that this is the normal state of things, although it probably isn’t. There are flowers everywhere, our borders look gorgeous and we are drowning in blackcurrants, lettuces, early carrots and swiss chard. The pumpkin plants and butternut are rampaging all over the garden and only the tomatoes are green and sulking, waiting for some hot sunny weather to ripen.

It looks as though next week will indeed be more summery, which is great, as we will be playing on Sunday for the market in St Félicien and on Thursday for the first of the Ephémères in Arlebosc. We and the team have decided to go ahead with these evenings of music and sampling the delicious offerings of our local artisan producers, despite the recent Presidental decrees, which are giving us all logistical headaches.

On the home front, the building work on the barn stopped abruptly for no apparent reason in May as these things do. But it appears that two thirds of the roof will be coming off next week – a long story and not in the original plan, but there you are!

Markus is busy composing arrangements for a concert we have been commissioned to create in October …. more details to follow!

And I am in the throes of a huge writing project, which I cannot wait to share. It is closely connected to les Sarziers and Arlebosc and the research and writing are completely engrossing. I still have a little way to go before it’s ready for publication but I will be posting in instalments as soon as it is ready.

This week end we are doing a recce of a hike which will form part of the “Dragon’s Nest Project” in September. It looks like it will culminate with Markus playing his trumpet on a raft in the middle of a lake!

So, there’s lots more information to come. Watch this space!

6 thoughts on “Hello again!

  1. Always nice to hear from you! Yesterday, I visited with some of your friends: Jody, Tricia, Sue and Georgene. We toured the Farnsworth House in Plano, IL. I am happy to read that you are busy, growing, creating, planning, playing, and enjoying life. Onward!

  2. Kate, you are such an eloquent writer, I can’t wait for the installments of the piece you are writing. Good luck with the further work on the farmhouse. We miss traveling to France and the Ardeche region. Hoping to be able to travel eventually.

  3. No wonder you’ve been quiet here!
    In what language are you writing your opus?
    You do write so beautifully with extraordinary detail and interest. We will read it avidly.
    X James & Lesley

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