Put it on a Plate!

This is a little appetizer for a later blog post that will tell you about the context of the mad activities that we got into in July and August.

As we were sandpapering and oiling the boards that we have manufactured for the “Ephémères d’Arlebosc” we were reminded of John Finnemore’s brilliant song “Put it on a Plate”.  Here is the link – listen to it and you’ll see why it makes us smile, even though we seem to ignore his point.

To avoid plastic and the danger of broken plates in the grass, this seemed to be a great solution for the “buffet” during our five concerts in the gardens of our church. The audience can sample delicious products from Arlebosc and surroundings including Brice’s wine (not served on the board!) without having to juggle the food in the air.

After each event we clean the boards an re-oil them. Last week we had help from Markus’s godmother Heli and her friend Vroni. (Never mind child labour!!!)

After drying them in the sun, they are ready for another event.

Tomorrow is our big day as it is our Band that is programmed to do the concert. Kate will be singing Jazz Standards and Ballads, and I will be part of the four musicians. For the Encore (if there is one) I might surprise Arlebosc with a saxophone solo.

As for the boards – somebody else will need to replace Kate and do the dishing up. All a bit nerve wracking but great fun.

7 thoughts on “Put it on a Plate!

  1. Hi Maeggi and Kate,as always I enjoy your blog and so I find out about what you are up to! Busy!!How did the show go?The wooden boards that can be reused and wont break is a brilliant idea! They look pretty too! Pine?I had never heard the song: Put it on a plate, and the pictures are hilarious! On the blog before about the book signing I could see what your performing group looks like and I love the definition of “amateur”- I had never thought about it!The problem with writing down the jazz tunes never occurred to me and I never heard about the Real Book (well I guess I only play Kazoo and that tuning is adjustable)! Interesting stuff!What I am really curious about is what tunes are you playing, Kate singing? We are always on the look-out for new tunes we like. Our little group of 3 is heading (or trying to) in the direction of Ragtime, New Orleans Jazz and Jug Band. To have a trumpet or clarinet player with us would be really cool!! I would love to learn to play washboard and spoons too and Dave, our band leader is bugging me about picking up the fiddle (haven’t played it in about 40 years!!), but right now I am putting my energy into playing washtub bass and am having a blast with it! My favorite band on YouTube that I practice with is Tuba Skinny. Check them out – they are a great band from New Orleans with a good brass section! One of my new songs is: Shimmy like my sister Kate – and I always think of my sister-in-law Kate!!I do one dedicated to Chloe, Ky and Hannah called I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones. I use their names in it because Hannah rhymes with Banana!The newest one is In The Mood (Glenn Miller) because we learned to play that at the Uke Fest in Colorado!Besides those we sing/play John Prine, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Beatles and other popular stuff! And of course I do All about that Bass (Postmodern Jukebox) on the washtub!Yes, we are having fun in that group and then I play in 2 other groups like true Amateurs – just love to play and sing!

    It is hot here and the rains have been puny, the garden is a disaster and the grasshoppers are enjoying themselves! I’ll go and see Chloe for her first birthday 8/29 and will spend a week with Mica’s family mid-September.Nothing super exciting, but life is good! Now I need to make some dinner!I wish you guys lived closer…….guess I have to plan a trip, or you come over here – I do have a guestroom too!Much love to you both,  Nanahannaamericana

    1. Hi Sorella. What a small world. We had just Tuba Skinny giving a private concert in a nearby farm. Some members of the band were staying with friends of ours and we arranged a babysitter for the lead singer’s little girl (who got a cold while bathing in the Doux). Jerome-Arlebosc-New Orleans: a magic triangle. More on a separate email!

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